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Drone Surveillance

Drone Surveillance
For the protection of open areas and critical infrastructure (Krisis)

The modern video surveillance of open areas, solar parks, substations and many more by means of our autonomous drone. Based on Artificial Intelligence, the video image data is controlled and evaluated. The use of this drone is officially approved in the EU. The basic data protection regulation is complied with here.


Secured solar fields with gate security, sirens and surveillance cameras against burglary, vandalism and theft.
to the solar park security


Visualization and reproducibility of incidents / alarms, flexible use, very high "false alarm security".
to the video surveillance


Modern video surveillance of open areas, solar parks, substations by means of autonomous drone.
to the drone surveillance


OCR technology for container number recognition, license plate recognition, centralized management


Customized solutions, perimeter security, optimization of existing fences, detection systems, surveillance technology


HD video surveillance with facial recognition, management of baggage, passengers and vehicles, license plate recognition

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