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Video surveillance

Video surveillance
for fence security and monitoring of outdoor areas

Our video surveillance system is a very flexibly designed system that, according to the given conditions and requirements, works with one or more video cameras of different specifications and one or more video servers.

This system can be used autonomously or integrated with our alarm and perimeter security systems. The scope of this video surveillance system ranges from simple detection and registration of movements to autonomous, intelligent adaptation to external conditions such as rain, fog, snowfall or twilight, as well as programmed event scenarios such as sudden very strong light incidence, change of image or object and person detection. 

User-friendly software for configuration as well as storage and evaluation of the accumulated data in combination with the possibility of authorized remote access shows the unlimited flexibility of this system.

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Video surveillance system

The movement or unwanted changes detected by the cameras are forwarded to the alarm control center. At the same time, the event is recorded on the server. Depending on the design of the system, additional cameras can be directed at the scene of the event or take close-up pictures using the automatic zoom function.

Thermal imaging cameras
as a reliable autonomous security solution.

A thermal imaging camera is less sensitive to changes in the environment. It detects moving people or objects even in complete darkness, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Behind it, IVS (Intelligent Video System) is an integrated video analytics algorithm that provides intelligent functions to monitor a scene for tripwire violations, intrusion detection, and objects left behind or missing. This requires a certain number of pixels on the target object to function correctly.

24h monitoring
for your perimeter protection

A perimeter intrusion detection system is formed that works like an invisible wall. From a mounting height of 5 meters, one camera can cover a section of fence up to 200 meters long. Whether it is day or night, if anyone enters the virtually monitored area, an alarm message goes to the control center.

Our Starlight Laser PTZ Dome cameras then record the intrusion verification and tracking. Alarm triggering and messages


Alarm triggering and messages

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Optical and acoustic signal

for signaling in case of alarm

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Weatherproof alarm siren

with strobe light, installation on the object to be secured

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Alarm messages

can be sent to desired mobile devices

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Integrated communication module

Reporting of alarms to alarm control center / authorized persons

Control and analysis

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Control via smartphone app

Granting authorized access without being on site

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Video analysis

Recorder can detect, track, analyze moving objects

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Video recording

several cameras are directed to the place of action

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Intelligent recording

different behavior of objects (left behind, missing), tripwire analysis (detection of crossing a fixed line);

Your advantages
Video surveillance


Reduction of the risk of burglary

Simplified and accelerated transmission and analysis of image data

Intelligent/adaptive adjustment to external conditions

All components are protected against sabotage

State-of-the-art low light technology for excellent night illumination

Detection ranges up to 5 km possible


video technology

Easy and targeted control of cameras from almost any location worldwide

Flexible and cost-effective system design

Direct (live) transmission of images to almost any location worldwide

Support of image recording and evaluation by special

alarming via GSM, LTE, DSL


Remote maintenance and alarm activation

 Regular remote maintenance

Annual maintenance on site

Alarm connection to a guard service

Intelligent monitoring for remote maintenance



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