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Advice, installation, maintenance from a single source

We are your professional and committed partner in the areas of alarm systems and security technology for commercial customers as well as for private customers. We secure solar parks, buildings, homes, industrial properties, petrol stations and much more. With digital video surveillance, we guarantee you a surveillance system that is individually tailored to your needs. With professional access controls, you can provide more security for your properties, prevent theft and manage personnel and visitor data. Find out more about our modern and professional technology.


Private clients


Do you want to effectively secure your own home? The increasing number of burglaries in private houses and flats is frightening for many people. If you no longer feel safe in your home, you lose a large piece of quality of life.


Commercial clients


As an entrepreneur, the security of people and property is close to your heart. We have developed various industry solutions for the optimal solution to secure your property. 




Our technology for security, protection and surveillance: 

Camera technology, rip wire detection system, wireless RFID detection system, line sensor detection system

System monitoring

Our constantly trained employees reliably implement monitoring and alarm concepts. German and European quality products, together with's expertise, guarantee a very high level of false alarm security. Our service also includes preventive maintenance and permanent system monitoring by our technical control centre.

Your security professional

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