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Drone Surveillance

Autonomous drone system
Innovative technology to protect open areas and critical infrastructure

Innovative technology to protect open areas and critical infrastructure
Drones are the future and are used to protect open areas,
solar & wind farms and in industry - including for locating fire sources, reducing false alarms and controlling and maintaining large or unmanageable areas. We have the authorization for autonomous drone flight
(without pilots) in the EU and, of course, we comply with all basic data protection regulations.

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The first company in the European Union with an authorization for autonomous drone flight without a pilot

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Control of dozens of drones and AI video analysis by Flight Automation Center.

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High availability

Maximum sustained wind speed of 10 m/s and waterproof

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Reduction in manpower required for terrain monitoring and alarm verification.

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Over-the-air updates

Scalable IoT cloud platform allows for new features and additional uses.

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Increased efficiency

Clear situational awareness through bird's eye view - initiating the right intervention measures.

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Prevent intrusion

High deterrence potential, intervention in real time

Drone in action
Arrow AD Drohne

Perimeter protection


The Arrow AD drone extends the security concept with our RFID fence sensor AD-E DPS RFID additionally by autonomous patrol flight at the perimeter actively

  • high deterrent potential

  • flexible and easily adaptable to on-site conditions

  • situation-dependent; alarm verification


Alarm verification

verification of an alarm message with the help of the Arrow-AD drone

  • short intervention time

  • clear situation picture due to bird's eye view

  • correct intervention measures

  • real time


Fire protection

Thermal camera detects fire sources at an early stage during patrol flight

  • Prevent consequential damage,

  • Weather-independent;



Inspection flights with manual video image evaluation

  • Solar panels

  • Water leakage


Patrol flight

Irregular patrol flights take place with pre-programmed routes

  • In-flight evaluation of the video image is performed with the help of AI.

  • If persons / vehicles are detected in restricted zones, an alarm message is sent via the Flight Automation Center in the control center.

  • Verification of the property boundary at irregular time intervals.


Alarm verification

The picture shows a critical infrastructure secured with a fence sensor AD-E DPS RFID.


  • Automatic sending out of the drone in case of alarm

  • verification of the alarm by video image

  • in case of danger, a live image is sent to the control center

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  • max. 40 minutes

  • Flight speed max. 60 km/h

  • Flight altitude 30 - 45 m


  • 25 km during alarm verification

  • 10 km during patrol flight


  • 5 km² during alarm verification

  • 4 km² during patrol flight

Alarm Verifikation


RTK precision GPS with protection against

  • Spooting

  • Jamming




  • Patrol flight

  • AI video image analysis

  • Alerting

  • Verification

  • Intervention measures

In case of alarm:

  • Sensor AD-E DPS RFID triggers

  • Drone flies to event +/- 2 meters

Ablauf Übrwachung mit Drohne

Privacy compliant

  • Protection of privacy of own employees

  • Video image analysis detects persons in restricted zones

  • Thermal camera: display of heat spots - no collection of personal data

  • Restriction of flight areas

  • Definition of no-go areas: e.g. areas where employees congregate

  • Primary flights along the property line

  • Defined time period

  • Drone flies at times of operation with little people traffic


Alarm tracking
Arrow AD drone

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