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Wireless RFID

Wireless RFID Detection
for monitoring fences and gates

The RFID detection system enables wireless monitoring of fences using special RFID tags. The tags do not require any external power supply or data cabling. This makes installation extremely simple, fast and cost-effective. The AD-E DPS is suitable for all types of fences and gates.

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RFID System
wireless surveliance

Comprehensive software enables a configuration that guarantees reliable detection even in difficult environmental conditions and reduces false alarms to a minimum. Fence lengths of up to 2000 m are possible without additional cabling. For larger perimeters, an almost unlimited fence length can be secured by networking monitoring units.


As a supplement, the system also offers the possibility of securing objects located within the area to be secured. Control of the event location with an accuracy of +/-2m via cameras rounds off the concept. This means that an alarm can be verified quickly and easily from a distance, e.g. by a security service.

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RFID System
How it works 

The RFID tags are simply attached to individual fence elements and gates. The sensors detect every fence movement by means of acceleration chips. The software evaluates whether the movement pattern represents an attack or is just a wind load, for example. The tags do not require any wiring between each other. Individual tags communicate according to the principle of data forwarding, i.e. they communicate information about alarms, wind strength, sabotage attacks, technical status, etc. step by step and wirelessly.


This interrogation takes place every 3 seconds. The central unit then transmits all information to the system control centre and/or directly initiates control of the cameras.


Alarms are reported to an alarm control centre or other authorised persons by the communication module integrated in the system central unit. Technical online monitoring by can be carried out at any time, if desired.


The alarm system is armed and disarmed via a weather-protected control panel in the gate area. The alarm system can also be armed / disarmed remotely via a telephone / smartphone so that authorised access can also be granted remotely without being on site at the system.


Signalling takes place via visual and acoustic signalling on site. The weatherproof outdoor siren with flashing light is installed at the gate. The alarm system control centre is operated and monitored via the integrated communication module.

Your advantages
Wireless RFID detection


Sicherheit und Schutz

Sabotage detection even in the non-monitored state

Object protection also within the perimeter

Also suitable for solar installations thanks to overvoltage protection



professionelle Technik

Reduction of false alarms due to insensitivity to disturbing climatic influences

automatic control

automatic calibration

remote administratio



Very simple installation, almost without any wiring

Suitable for any type of fence


low maintenance


simple retrofitting to existing fence systems


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