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Fence Security

Fence Security
Customized solutions, perimeter security, optimization of existing fences, detection systems, surveillance technology

With conceptual security techniques, we can optimally secure all types of fences and gates against intruders. For a tailor-made solution, we go "into the field" with you, take a look at the nature of your perimeter security on site and provide detailed advice on optimizing existing fences. 

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Perimeter protection
more than a visual property boundary

The goal of perimeter security is to make it more difficult for people to cross the perimeter and to detect events at the perimeter. This can maximize the intervention time, because the earlier an encroachment is detected, the more time there is to intervene.

Upon request, we install detection systems and video surveillance technology on fences and gates as a supplement and also at a later date. Our perimeter surveillance is carried out in high detection monitoring by means of light barriers, wireless RFID sensor technology, wired alarm sensor technology as well as professional camera surveillance technology with intelligent detection software.

Your advantages
of a professional fence security


Reduction of the risk of burglary

early detection of intruders

gate security and sirens
video surveillance 


Customized solutions

Optimization of existing fences

Subsequent installation of detection systems and
surveillance technology


Service package

 Regular remote maintenance
Annual on-site maintenance
Alarm connection to a guard service


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