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Solar park security

Solar park security
worldwide use to secure solar technology.

Unfortunately, the theft of solar modules is no longer a rarity in Europe. On the contrary, daily reports of break-ins in solar parks and photovoltaic plants indicate that organized gangs are at work here. has recognized the need for solar park security and has developed complex overall solutions against theft and vandalism in solar parks.

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PV monitoring
Plant monitoring for photovoltaic plants

Our cost-effective burglar alarm systems with pull-wire technology attached to fences or directly to solar modules, our video monitoring technology as well as special sensor technology act as a deterrent and significantly minimize the risk of theft. If a break-in or theft is nevertheless attempted, an on-site security service can intervene in good time. It was particularly important to to reduce the number of false alarms in the outdoor area to almost zero.

Your advantages
Monitoring of photovoltaic system


Reduction of the risk of burglary

Securing of solar fields
Gate protection and sirens
video surveillance 


remote monitoring of the plant

automated remote monitoring

visualization and reproducibility of incidents



Service package


annual on-site maintenance
Alarm connection to a security service



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