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Airport solutions
for safe airports

Airport security is an important factor. Threats here place great demands on security technology. Bringing illegal objects to the terminal or on the plane, but also dangerous, radioactive or biological goods represents a threat. Attacks, suicide bombings or break-ins are also potential dangers at airport facilities. Our security solutions include vehicle and passenger management as well as baggage management.

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Vehicle management
License plate recognition

The all-in-one camera is used to record and recognize license plates approaching the airport. A push alert is issued when illegal, stolen, blacklisted, run over, and other suspicious vehicles are detected.

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Passenger management
Video surveillance and identification

HD video surveillance is combined with other smart analytics such as facial recognition, e-passport, and face verification. All areas are monitored and all passengers are identified in due time. The push alarm is activated as soon as suspects are detected or an emergency occurs.

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Baggage handling
Security control and air cargo area

For security reasons, security personnel at the check-in desk and in the control center can examine the luggage at the same time as the signal is converted from HDMI to HDCVI. For the air transport sector, the HD camera and the thermal imager guarantee the safety of the luggage.

Exit and runway

Monitorin of landing and taking-off aircraft

Video surveillance

Heat detection

Great coverage

Panorama mode


Sourrounding alarm and surveillance system


Video surveillance

Intelligent intrussion analysis to detect illegal intrussions

Heat detection

Alarm system

System link



Aircraft tracking and
passenger boarding


Video surveillance

PTZ Camera

Panorama mode


Access road

Traffic management and
vehicle inspections


Video surveillance

License plate recognition

Alert to suspicious vehicles

Information output


Checking the safety of
passengers and luggage


Video surveillance

Fisheye mode

People counter

Heat map


Waiting room

Departure and arrival areas, 
as well as sensitive areas


Video surveillance


Smart Analysis

Radio transmission


Check-out counter
Checking passengers and luggage

Video surveillance

Facial recognition

Electronic passport and face matching


Parking spaces
Parking and access control

License plate recognition

Video surveillance

Parking guidance system

Vehicle detection


Your advantages
Airport Surveillance



License plate recognition

Facial recognition

Smart analysis



Smart operation and maintenance

Electronic card application

Alarm management


Professional technology

Panoramic view

Thermal image view

4K resolution


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