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Wind farm

Wind farm security
worldwide use to secure wind farm technology.

The expansion of sustainable energy generation is to reach 80% by 2030 and is to be accelerated by law.

For this reason, wind turbines will make a major contribution to the energy turnaround, along with solar plants.

However, this is not without risk for the operators, because the plants are usually located in very sparsely populated areas and are increasingly becoming the target of theft and vandalism.

Securing wind turbines is very important for every operator.

Organised gangs are also at work here as well as at solar parks. The theft of materials and components is costly to repair afterwards and the procurement of replacement parts can take up to months. has recognised the need for wind farm security and has developed total solutions against theft and vandalism and has already installed many of them.

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Efficiently securing wind turbines

Our efficient intrusion detection systems protect against unauthorised access as well as theft and vandalism. We secure entire wind farms or individual wind turbines. Our video surveillance technology and special sensors act as a deterrent and minimise the risk of theft. If a break-in or theft is nevertheless attempted, the connected control centre will intervene. It was particularly important for to reduce the number of false alarms in the outdoor area to almost zero.

Your advantages
Wind farm Monitoring 


Reduction of the risk of burglary

Securing the wind farm and wind turbines 
Gate security and sirens
video surveillance  


Remote monitoring of wind farm

automated remote monitoring

visualisation and reproducibility of incidents


Service package


 regular remote maintenance
annual on-site maintenance
Alarm connection to a security service


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