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Video surveillance

Self-sufficient video surveillance system
for temporary construction site security

After detection, our system's wireless PIR day / night cameras capture HD quality images of the events. These images are sent wirelessly from the transmission unit / bridge to our cloud platform. In the cloud platform, the images are immediately analyzed by our advanced AI software and transmitted to the alarm control center for further action. 

An easy-to-use app enables visualization.


Rent already from 69 €

per week, including alarm activation

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Our system AD-BS 2000
self-sufficient and battery-operated

Alarm activation takes place with end-to-end data encryption
Ideal for temporary site security
No power connection required, wireless setup
Battery life > 1 year
HD quality images
Detection range up to 35 m per camera
4G transmission unit / bridge communicates events to the cloud
AI software evaluates and prevents false alarms
Efficient monitoring even of multiple areas

Your benefits
Construction site cameras for secure day-night surveillance


Reduction of intrusion risk

Detection of intrusion, theft and vandalism

Avoidance of false alarms through verification

fast tracking of perpetrators



less personnel expenditure / security guards
no power supply required, battery operated

favorable rental price



high resolution camera technology

AI software

night shots


Do you have any questions?

Expert advice is free of charge with us. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Phone: +49 385 617 346 00


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