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Video surveillance
to secure fences and monitor outdoor areas

Our video surveillance system is a very flexible system that works with one or more video cameras of different specifications and one or more video servers, depending on the given conditions and requirements.

This system can be used either autonomously or integrated with our alarm systems and perimeter security systems. The spectrum of this video surveillance system ranges, from simple detection and recording of movements to intelligent and independent adaptation and  to external conditions such as rain, fog, snowfall or twilight, as well as programmed event scenarios such as sudden, very strong incidence of light, changes in image or object and recognition of people.

An easy-to-use software for configuration, as well as storage and evaluation of accumulated data in relation to the possibility of authorized only remote access shows the unlimited flexibility of this system.

All components of the video surveillance system are

protected against sabotage.

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Video surveillance system
how it works

Movement or unwanted changes are detected by the cameras and forwarded to the alarm control center. At the same time, the events are logged on the server. Depending on the system's design, additional cameras can also focus on the event scene or take close-ups using the automatic zoom function.

Thermal imagine cameras
as a reliable, standard, one security solution

A thermal imaging camera is less sensitive to changes in the environment. It recognizes people or objects in motion even in complete darkness, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Behind this is the IVS (Intelligent Video System), an integrated video analysis algorithm that offers intelligent functions to monitor a scene for tripwire violations, theft detection, and abandoned or lost items. This requires a certain number of pixels in the target object to work properly.

24h surveillance
to protect your perimeter

A perimeter intrusion alarm system is created that functions as an invisible wall. From a mounting height of 5 m, a camera can cover a fence section up to 200 m long. Whether day or night, when someone enters the virtually monitored area, an alarm message is sent to the control center.

With our Starlight Laser PTZ dome cameras, intrusion monitoring and tracking is recorded.


Activation of alarms and messages

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Optical and acoustic signal

to signalise in case of alarm

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Weather resistent alarm siren

with flashlight, installation on the object

to zu be secured

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Alarm messages

can be sent to any desired mobile


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Integrated communication module

report alarms to the control center / authorized people

Control and analysis

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Control via smartphone app

grant authorized access without being on the site

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Video analysis

The recorder can recognize, track and analyses moving objects.

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Video recording

Several cameras are pointed at

the scene.

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Smart capture

different behaviours of objects (abandoned, lost), tripwire analysis (detection of crossing a defined line)

Your advantages
Video surveillance


Theft risk

Simplified and accelerated transmission and evaluation of image data

Intelligent adaptation to external conditions

All components are protected against sobotage

State-of-the-art technology in low light conditions for excellent night illumination

Possible detection ranges
up to 5km


Smart video

Simple and specific control of cameras from almost anywhere in the world

Flexible and cost-effective system structure

Direct (live) transmission of images to almost anywhere in the world

Image acquisition and evaluation support by special software

Alert via GSM, LTE, DSL


Remote maintenance and alarm transmission

 Regular remote maintenance 
Annual maintenance
Alarm transmission to a security service

Smart monitoring for remote maintenance



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