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UV-C ceiling
air purifier

UV-C ceiling air purifier
Panel for disinfection and illumination

The panel draws in polluted air, disinfects it and blows germ-free, purified air back into the room. In addition to bacteria, viruses and fungi, pollutants (NOx), formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) do not stand a chance, nor do annoying odours. Viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi are killed instead of being trapped in a filter. Thus, the ceiling air purifier offers permanent protection against infections and illnesses of employees, customers, patients, students and many more.


Our partner: secrotec
Mobile air purifier, UV-C ceiling panel, FACE Temp

Highly effective air purification units with UV-C disinfection provide clean, virus-free air in rooms, classrooms, hospitals, offices, waiting rooms, and much more. - everywhere where people spend time. Our partner secrotec offers the right protection for every room.


The biometric access control devices measure the body temperature. Thermal Tablets are successfully used for protection and detection of increased temperature.


Government funding
for the new installation of stationary air handling units

The programme for subsidies for stationary ventilation and air-conditioning systems is being expanded to include new installations. From 11 June 2021, applications can now also be submitted for new air handling units in facilities for children under 12 years of age. These include day care centres for children, after-school care centres, day care centres for children within the meaning of §§ 33 No. 1 and No. 2 of the Infection Protection Act. In the course of the amendment, additional funding recipients will also be included for the conversion and upgrading of RLT systems

(cf. guideline no. 6.1): These include, among others, rehabilitation facilities, early intervention centres as well as special forms of housing and child and youth welfare facilities.

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Neutralisation of 99,995 %
Proven technology in use against pathogens

The air purification filter is used with extremely energy-saving UV light and the effectiveness is increased many times over. As a result of this process, the organic substances on the filter surface are decomposed. The filter remains clean and has an antimicrobial effect, killing viruses, bacteria, germs and pollutants in the air.


Areas of application:

Schools, supermarkets, offices, doctors' surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly, kitchens, laboratories, changing rooms, shopping centres, etc.


Highest efficiency
with minimal power consumption

The power consumption of the UV light can be reduced to approx. 1/8. Even when several air purifiers are used simultaneously in one building, the power grid is not overloaded. Only minimal operating costs are incurred.


Simple and uncomplicated

The air purifier is designed for the panel size of grid ceilings (620 x 620 mm) and can therefore be inserted quickly and easily. Installation takes only a few minutes, and the air purifiers (and also the lighting) are immediately ready for use. Alternatively, the installation can also be done with surface-mounting, simply using four screws. The filter can be replaced while it is installed and is done quickly. A control lamp indicates when the filter needs to be changed. The UV lamps, which disinfect the air, only need to be replaced every 9,000 operating hours. Operation is by switch or remote control, with Casambi or any other system from the lighting industry.

Your advantages
UV-C ceiling air purifier



Clean and disinfected air

Elimination of odours

Elimination of TVOC concentration indoors



Space-saving (air purification and lighting in one panel)

Long service life

Low operation costs


Simple assembly

Simple and uncomplicated installation

Low noise level



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