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Retail Trade Solutions

Retail Trade Solutions
smart retail sistems

With the emergence of a rapidly developing online shopping industry, retail stores are facing great difficulties. In a fiercely competitive market, increasing the customer base and maintaining their loyalty is becoming increasingly important and at the same time very difficult. Improving customer satisfaction, maximizing transactions per customer, ensuring a secure environment and reducing unnecessary costs have become a major focus of store owners and store chains.

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Retail stores
Store security

Compared to e-commerce, traditional retail stores face many challenges in accurately calculating visitor traffic and efficiently adjusting store operations based on flow analysis and conversion rates. Increased surveillance coverage significantly reduces theft of customer property and merchandise and provides a secure shopping environment.

Our retail security system makes customers happier, secures the sales floor, and increases sales: a combination that keeps operating expenses down, increases store profitability, and boosts profits. Your benefits

Your benefits
Retail surveillancel


Reduction of the risk of burglary

HD video surveillance

7 x 24 real-time monitoring

Surveillance without blind spots


Prevention of

Cash register integration

Audio and video overlay

Remote monitoring and playback


Intelligent management

People counting

Heat map

Intelligent business space monitoring


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