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Ripping wire

Ripping wire Technique
for electronic fence and gate monitoring

With conceptual security techniques, we can optimally secure all types of fences and gates against intruders. For a tailor-made solution, we go "into the field" with you, take a look at the nature of your perimeter security on site and provide detailed advice on optimizing existing fences.

Upon request, in addition to security fences, we install effective light barrier systems, alarm systems, climbing-over protection, video surveillance technology, as well as live fences.

Alarm system
for photovoltaic open spaces

The alarm system "alarm-wire" from allows monitoring fences with special alarm wires, which are installed in the fence mesh. Installation is simple, fast and, most importantly, inexpensive. The alarm system "alarm-wire" is perfectly suitable for wire mesh fences and has a very high false alarm security and reliability.

The alarm system "alarm-wire" can communicate with any alarm control center via the system software. It is possible to control cameras to the zone where the alarm is triggered.

Thanks to special protection devices, the alarm system is particularly suitable for the protection of solar parks and other open space installations.

The number and type of components to be installed depends on the needs.


Alarm system
for fence and gate security

The system consists of an alarm system control panel and, depending on customer requirements, usually between four and six lines in the fence. The alarm lines consist of a specially manufactured rip wire. The rip wire is woven into the fence and resistance monitored by the alarm control panel, thus eliminating tampering and false alarms. Measuring points are set at intervals along the course of the fence to facilitate any troubleshooting and to define the alarm zones. A cut alarm wire caused by manipulation during a break-in attempt is thus quickly localized. With our included repair kit, a damaged area of the rip wire can be repaired quickly and easily. This keeps the follow-up costs low.
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safe and efficient

Alarms are reported by the communication module integrated in the alarm control panel to an alarm control center or other authorized persons via LAN /LTE /GSM. Technical online monitoring by or authorized access by users can be performed at any time, if desired.


The alarm system is armed and disarmed via a weather-protected control panel in the gate area. The alarm system can also be armed/disarmed remotely via an app control so that authorized access can also be granted remotely without being on site at the facility.


Signaling takes place via visual and acoustic signaling on site. The weatherproof outdoor siren with flashing light is installed at the gate. The gate is additionally secured against unauthorized opening with special magnetic contacts.

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Detection principle
Alarm wires installed

All installed alarm wires are resistance-monitored. If one or more alarm wires are cut, an alarm is immediately triggered and reported to authorised persons or the security service via the communication module and the external siren is activated.

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Camera surveillance
All-round monitoring and recording

A camera monitoring system can be coupled with our system as a useful addition. For example, when the alarm is triggered, a dome camera swivels to the spot on the fence where the rip wire was cut.

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Technical data

Tear wire with high insulation resistance, lowest dielectric losses, non-flammable, resistant to microcultures, does not allow fungal growth, completely ozone-resistant, absolutely weatherproof, water absorption <0.01%, minimum water vapour permeability (approx. 0.18 mgr/cm² in 24 hours), self-extinguishing and flame-retardant according to VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2/ IEC 60332-1 (corresponds to DIN VDE 0472 part 804 test type B). The materials used in production are free of silicone and cadmium and free of paint-wetting impairment substances, fluoropolymer insulation FEP.


Temperature range: -100°C to +205°C (briefly up to +230°C)


The product conforms to the EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. Low-voltage applications for module fuse protection on PV outdoor systems as well as for fence fuse protection. Single cores are UV and weather resistant.

Your advantagesRip wire detection system



Alarm via communication module (LTE / DSL / GSM)

Alarm in case of sabotage attacks

Very resistant to climatic influences


Professional technology

detects cutting or breaking of the alarm wire

authorised remote access via app

any extension possible

automatic blocking of cameras possible


Cost efficiency

low maintenance costs


quick assembly and installation

integration into existing fencing systems (wire mesh, bar mesh fence)


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