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Netherlands - Solar Parks

We would like to thank our client for allowing us to secure two solar parks that are geographically close to each other.

The existing fence and access gates at both solar parks were upgraded with our modern camera technology.

This means 24/7 security at the highest level.

The alarm connection of our camera surveillance system to a professional alarm control centre ensures an extremely high level of security. No matter whether it is day or night, if someone enters the virtually monitored area without authorisation, an alarm message is immediately sent to the control centre. The control centre can then carry out the appropriate verification and initiate further measures, as well as directly address the perpetrator via the integrated loudspeakers. At the same time, our LED high-performance spotlights switch on and illuminate the object.

It is worth mentioning that with this constellation of existing fence security upgraded with additional camera surveillance, this real-time monitoring can almost completely exclude false alarms. A quick reaction in case of unauthorised access can therefore be made immediately.


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