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Video recorded people counter

People counter
automatic access control with people counter
and face mask recognition

The '' video recorded people counter'', is a digital access restriction and organizes the access of visitors and customers. Ideal places to install this camera are, for example, supermarkets, shopping centers, libraries, museums, ministries, public institutions and many more. A camera is used to record data automatically and contactless.

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Traffic light system
visual signalling and acoustic message

Our automatic people counter ensures that the maximum number of visitors and / or customers is not exceeded. An optical and acoustic signal appears on the monitor. If the maximum number of authorized people has been reached, a message appears on the screen indicating that customers must wait outside the establishment for a moment. If a customer leaves the store, the screen automatically shows that the person waiting can enter.


The green, yellow and red traffic light system clearly shows the occupancy of the property. Thanks to the simplicity of this traffic light, the system does not need further explanations. Your visitors instinctively react to the colour signal (red / yellow / green) and knows what to do.


Face masks
automatic detection of people who are wearing or
not wearing their masks

This system can also detect when a person is wearing the mask. The camera records here whether customers wear mouth and nose protection when entering the market or building. If a mask is not used, the camera light turns on and the message "Please put on your mask" is displayed acoustically.


of your clients

Many clients avoid crowds during these difficult times. Our video-based access control with visual admission traffic lights ensures that specified guidelines are complied with and also gives your customers a sense of security when entering your business. The display can be configured directly at the entrance.



Save the costs of hiring personnel in the access control area. This allows you to deploy your employees where they are really needed. In addition, unnecessary contact is avoided.


Your advantages
of the video recorded people counter



Real time data

High counting precision

Anonymous counting (GDPR)



Great time saving

Little manpower needed



Our service

Complete installation

Preconfiguration of the system

Remote maintenance


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