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Line sensor

Line sensor Detection
for electronic monitoring

Line sensor detection systems are ideal for electronic monitoring of perimeter protection structures. They detect the breaking, cutting, sawing or burning of new or existing fence installations.


Our detection systems consist of the line sensor and an evaluation unit. The combination of sensor and ideal evaluation unit is individually adapted to the size and protection requirements of the terrain. In this way, the detection systems offer the greatest possible security for every terrain and every requirement.

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How it works
Line sensor detection system

When climbing over or breaking through fencing, unavoidable sound waves are generated. The line sensor integrated in the perimeter protection structure detects these waves and converts them into electrical signals. These signals are immediately analysed by the evaluation unit. A detection algorithm reliably distinguishes natural environmental influences from intrusion attempts. False alarms are thus virtually eliminated.

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Areas of application
Line sensor detection system

Public facilities

Airports and car parks, leisure facilities such as amusement parks, sports facilities and open-air swimming pools, cultural facilities and tourist attractions, asylum facilities and initial reception facilities, correctional facilities and forensic facilities, military objects and sites.


Industry and trade 

Company premises, e.g. of the food, chemical or automotive industry, warehouses and sales areas for valuable goods, e.g. construction and agricultural machinery, cars, trucks or caravans, tank farms and solar parks, facilities with special hazard potential, e.g. nuclear power plants.

Private area

Private properties with increased need for protection

Your advantages
Line sensor system


Maximum detection power

The superior signal quality ensures excellent attack detection with minimal false alarm rate, even in adverse weather conditions.



Low sensitivity

The design of the sensor as a grounded, twisted pair of conductors with an overall shielding of aluminium-coated composite foil makes the sensor very insensitive to external electrical or electromagnetic influences.



Alarm information can be transferred to higher-level alarm or management systems via relay contact or software interface.


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