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Camera technology

Camera technology
Video surveillance systems

Our highly effective alarm system for video surveillance and security serves the visualization and reproducibility of incidents or alarms. Our systems are characterized by a very high "false alarm security". Alarming is possible via GSM, UMTS / LTE as well as via DSL. The video surveillance systems can be designed and used flexibly.

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Video surveillance systemsAD-E 

The video surveillance system AD-E Video is a very flexible system that, according to the given conditions and requirements, works with one or more video cameras of different specifications and one or more video servers. This system can be used autonomously or integrated with our alarm and perimeter security systems.


The scope of this video surveillance system ranges from simple motion detection and acquisition to autonomous intelligent adaptation to external conditions (e.g. rain, snowfall, twilight) as well as programmed event scenarios (e.g. sudden very strong light incidence, change of image) and object/person detection. A user-friendly software for configuration as well as storage and evaluation of the accumulating data in connection with the possibility of authorized remote access shows the unlimited flexibility of this system. All components of the video surveillance system are protected against sabotage.

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Functionality video surveillance
autonomous operation

The movement or unwanted change detected by the cameras is forwarded to the alarm system control panel. Simultaneously, the recording of the event on the server and the alarm triggering by the alarm system take place. Depending on the design of the system, additional cameras can be directed at the scene of the event or take a close-up picture.

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Functionality video surveillance
Integrated use

If a detection or change is reported by our installed alarm systems and perimeter security systems on the fence system or in the outdoor area and classified as an alarm, this leads to the alarm being triggered. At the same time, one or more cameras (if available and set) are pointed at the scene and video recording begins. With built-in video analytics, this recorder is able to detect, track and analyze moving objects to optimize video surveillance. The recorder enables intelligent detection of different behaviors of objects, such as: Left Behind or Missing. IVS also supports tripwire analysis, which means that a camera detects, for example, if someone crosses a previously defined line.

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Functionality video surveillance
Alarm message

Alarms are reported to an alarm control center or other authorized persons by the communication module integrated in the alarm control center. Technical online monitoring of the video surveillance system by can be carried out at any time, if desired. 


However, the video surveillance system can also be armed/disarmed remotely via an app control on the cell phone, so that authorized access can also be granted remotely without being on site at the facility.


Signaling can be done via a visual and acoustic signal on site. For this purpose, a weatherproof outdoor siren with flashing light is installed on the object to be secured. The alarm system control panel can be operated and monitored via the communication module to freely programmable telephone numbers.

Your advantages
Camera technology from


Reduction of the risk of burglary

simplified and accelerated transmission and evaluation of image data 

intelligent/adaptive adjustment to external conditions

all components are protected against sabotage

state-of-the-art low light technology for excellent night illumination

detection ranges up to 5 km possible


Remote maintenance and alarm activation

regular remote maintenance

annual maintenance on site

alarm connection to a guard service

intelligent monitoring for remote maintenance



Professional video technology

simple and targeted control of the cameras from almost any location worldwide

flexible and cost-effective system design

direct (live) transmission of images to almost any location worldwide

support of image acquisition and evaluation by special software

alarming via GSM, LTE, DSL


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