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Fire detection

Fire warning systems
Fire detection systems

TecnoFire protection and fire detection

The system components and the entire Tecnofire fire alarm system are fully approved and certified according to the European series of standards for fire alarm systems EN 54. Tecnofire fire alarm system is an innovative and professional fire alarm system of the latest generation. The fire alarm system combines innovative technologies, practical service functions such as RCS functions, as well as easy handling and installation. 

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High reliability
full certification

Remote access is secure and encrypted through the remote control system for quick diagnostics and for remote monitoring. Operation is simple and intuitive. Alarm and fault messages are displayed graphically. There is also site plan management and building management for easy location of alarm activation for responsive actions. Alarm and status messages can be combined with additional voice output. Due to the full certification (EN 54, complies with all requirements of the standard VD 0833 part 2, Vornorn VDE V 0826 part 2) you are guaranteed a high reliability. Furthermore, alarm forwarding via SMS and voice call as well as connection to the control center is possible. Small systems can also be expanded modularly up to a complex fire alarm system.

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TecnoFire centrals
highest protection and safety standard

Tecnofire automatic fire detection systems guarantee the highest standard of protection and safety in case of fire hazards. Three models of addressable fire alarm control panels allow the realization of systems that meet all system requirements and system size.

The high flexibility of Tecnofire addressable control panels makes it possible to realize systems consisting of several networked installations. 

The basic difference between the control panels is the number of ring buses/loops to which the individual addressable detectors and modules of the system are connected. The maximum number of detectors and modules per system depends on the number of existing ring busses/loops. A maximum of 199 addressable detectors, for example smoke detectors, heat detectors and base sirens, and a maximum of 99 modules such as input and output modules, manual call points and alarm signs can be connected per loop. Furthermore, the fire alarm and fire warning system control panels differ in the number of expansion modules. The expansion modules are remote control panels, control panels with interactive building management, telephone dialers and Ethernet interfaces.

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We advise you
Centrals, modules, operation

We will inform you about the fire warning system, fire alarm system and TecnoFire control panels without obligation. Expansion modules, control panels, interfaces to telephone dialers, addressable detectors and modules, print head detectors, signaling devices are also part of the product range.

Ihre Your advantages
Fire warning systems and fire detection systems



Early warning of present persons against fire rage
and fires

Protection of life through early fire detection and protection of material assets and the environment


Application area

Kindergartens, homes, day care centers, retirement homes, training buildings, hotels, public areas, industrial plants, large commercial objects
and many more


At a glance

Secure encrypted
remote access

Simpe intuitive operation

Modulare Extension

High reliability


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