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Fever cameras

Fever cameras
Contactless fever detection with thermal technology

Especially in places with high flows of people, such as airports, large events, food industry, shopping malls, but also hospitals, as well as at country borders, it is possible by means of fever cameras to check flows of people and at the same time each individual for increased temperature. This is because infections can spread quickly across borders.

We offer you the successfully proven technology for automated and early fever measurement at frequented facilities. In the shortest possible time, entire streams of people are measured with the highest precision by our fever camera

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non-contact and non-invasive method

By means of thermography single persons and large streams of persons can be scanned. The temperature is measured in the inner corner of the eye. If the temperature is elevated, an alarm is triggered. Thus, possible infected persons can be detected quickly.


DSGVO compliant
Data acquisition

Data acquisition complies with data protection regulations. Corresponding information signs must be clearly visible. In addition, there is purpose limitation (processing only for specified, clear and legitimate purposes). The display is also possible completely without video images (neither in the display nor in the storage). The camera evaluates accordingly the temperatures and / or the wearing of protective clothing

Fields of application
all public entrances

Airport and train station
Shopping mall
Large events and concerts
Soccer stadium
Food industry
Hospital and nursing home
Meat processing plant
Public areas
Country borders


contactless temperature measurement

Choose between our different camera models:

portable dual thermal camera

bullet thermal hybrid mini camera

Thermal camera

FACE TEMP Thermal Tablet


Complete solution
Fever measuring system

Our efficient high-end thermal solution centralizes the various measurement points and can detect personal currents up to a distance of 35 meters.

including camera, blackbody, monitor, tripod, recorder;


Your advantages
Fever cameras for the detection of increased temperature




contactless fever measurement

high accuracy

mobile design

low error rate

DSGVO compliant




high time saving

capture flow of people

long-term prevention

low personnel deployment

cost saving


service package


complete installation of the plant

pre-configuration of the plant

remote maintenance


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Contactless fever measurement

Compared to the traditional way of measuring body temperature with ear or forehead thermometers, measuring with fever cameras reduces the risk of cross-infections. Here, body temperature is measured without contact and at a distance - without human interaction. Contactless fever measurement thus serves to protect employees from infections.

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High accuracy

Our fever cameras measure body temperature with the highest precision. The temperature is measured with an accuracy of ± 0.3°C.


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Mobile design and flexibility

Our system can be quickly set up anywhere in a very short time thanks to the various possible combinations of cameras, tripod and display units.

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Low error rate

We exclusively use modern AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Erroneous measurements are thus greatly minimized.

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Low manpower requirement

By eliminating the need to manually measure body temperature, fewer personnel need to be deployed at the control areas. Thermal imaging cameras for fever detection

Thermal imaging cameras for fever detection

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Detection of flows of people


Up to three people per second are captured by our fever cameras. In 30 minutes, the body temperatures of up to 5000 people can be measured. Our powerful technology is suitable for both small controlled areas and large areas with high flows of people. The data collection is DSGVO compliant. Even returnees from crisis areas and harvest workers arriving by plane can be checked directly for fever or elevated temperature.


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Long-term prevention


Leading virologists warn of renewed waves of infection (e.g. Corona wave) in autumn. The daily measurement of the body temperature of fixed groups of people by means of a fever camera can identify possible infections more quickly. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the rise or fall of infections and further measures can be initiated. In addition, the use of fever cameras ensures a high level of operational safety, as large-scale infections are prevented.


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