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Access control

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Monitoring and high efficiency

The challenges of access control are, on the one hand, low efficiency, because vehicles have to be stopped and the barrier has to be opened manually. The uncertainty factor also plays a significant role. There is a risk of accidents in parking lots and there is no vehicle recording. There are often additional labor and personnel costs. In addition, there is the need for a person on site if an emergency occurs.

We support you and offer you the right solution for your access controls: ANPR cameras for opening barriers, video intercoms, access management software and vehicle counting.

Access and egress
Access control

The exterior display clearly shows the free number of parking spaces. The info screen clearly shows the license plate information for drivers in case the barrier does not open and helps drivers confirm the license plate. To record and recognize the license plate with video and loop detection, we use ANPR camera. If the APN function fails, it will communicate with the security center (VTO). The barrier opens automatically with remote authorization and closes with loop detection.


Access control monitoring

For 3 - 4 m wide access, ANPR camera can detect the moving vehicle at a distance of 3 - 8 m using video and loop. The photo the license plate. License plate data, license plate magnification.  The overall image and the video of the camera are stored. The barrier is automatically opened via the alarm output within less than 1 second if the license plate is already registered in the white list. After the license plate is successfully recognized, the info screen will display the license plate and the driver can confirm it. The ANPR camera has a recognition rate of more than 95%. 


Embedded ANPR
Gas Station Surveillance

With integrated intelligent video analysis, the camera is capable of recognizing the license plates of moving vehicles at speeds up to 40 km/h. The access ANPR camera takes a photo for license plate magnification, an overall image of the vehicle and further a surveillance video for entering and exiting vehicles


Access Management
Gas Station Monitoring

No on-site personnel are required to operate the barrier. The ANPR system evaluates incoming vehicle license plates in the white list and opens the barrier if the license plate is already registered. In case of accident or failure of the ANPR system, the intercom system is connected to the emergency call center for alerting personnel to remotely operate the barrier. All the above system functions can be easily configured and operated in the EMS management platform, a software based on Windows. C/S architecture design enables flexible function expansion.


Your advantages
Monitoring of gas stations


Vehicle safety

ANPR report

dual video stream


video and loop detection

License plate magnification



ANPR camera to open the barrier

Flexible white list

display of free parking spaces

Recognition rate > 95

License plate recognition < 1s



through remote authorization via control center: reduction of interventions by persons

Opening of the barrier < 1s

significant reduction of construction costs


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