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Smart home

Smart home
from digital locking cylinders to self-contained
building technology

In terms of a safe and "smart" home, electronic lock cylinders are becoming more and more popular. These keyless door locks can be installed anywhere. With various means of identification such as codes, finger scan, active and passive transponders and smartphones, electronic locks are safe from tampering. And if someone is tampering with the door lock, YOU will be the first to know: via an alarm signal on their smartphone!

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Control of your home functions
adapted to your needs

Not just alarm systems, but many other devices and products can now be controlled with a single app or remote control. Smart home concepts from various manufacturers use a central interface for this, which is integrated into the existing local network via a network cable. So you get the smart home automation you want: regardless of whether it is blocking intruders, alerting them or automating blinds and lights. The systems are radio based. Once configured according to your needs, smart home systems take care of all the programmed functions in the house automatically.

Your advantages




Various ways of identification
Direct alarm message
to your phone

Live image from cameras


Professional technology

Controllable with the app

Door security with keyless control

Movement detector

Water level detector


Energy efficiency

Save energy

Reduce electricity costs

Heating control


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