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Port solutions
more security for seaports

The environmental challenges of the surveillance of seaports are, on the one hand, that the systems must operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, rough weather conditions and bad weather can cause serious damage to equipment and systems in seaports. It is particularly important that only authorized employees are allowed to enter the seaport areas. Chemical, radioactive, biological or explosive materials, as well as other dangerous goods, must be monitored and protected in the storage area.

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Container  management
Container number recognition

OCR technology recognizes container numbers, prevents errors and human interference. It facilitates and improves the profitability of the port administration at the entrance gate, storage area, dock, as well as the operation of the dock crane and distributor in the loading and unloading areas.

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Vehicle management
Licencse plate recognition

The all-in-one camera records and recognizes the license plates of vehicles approaching the sea port (country specific). In an emergency or to verify identity, drivers can contact the control center through the video intercom.

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Employee administration
Facial recognition and access control

Facial recognition at the front door records a person's facial features, time and place of entry. The system will make an alarm sound, if the face it has detected is blacklisted. An alarm can be activated for certain facial features and information (name, gender, date of birth, identification number, etc.). The camera tracks when and where a suspect appears at the crime scene.


Monitoring seaport border, 
heat detection


The intelligent intrusion analysis system is used for automatic detection of intruders and foreign objects.

The alarm is connected to video surveillance and appears in the VMS client.

The system displays the intruding object and movement on the video image.

A thermal imaging camera works 24 hours a day and in any weather.



Monitoring seaport border,
heat detection


We use the PTZ camera with a corrosion resistant housing for reliable cargo handling monitoring.

Container number recognition tracks containers during loading / unloading at each location.


Shipping route

Surveillance of ships on
maritime routes


The 180-degree panoramic video multi-lens camera displays the wide-angle video in real time. In this way, the shipping route of the port can be displayed more clearly. The implementation of emergency measures is effectively improved. A thermal imaging camera works 24 hours a day and in any weather.


Entrance gate
Vehicle and employee tracking


Our cameras uses image recognition algorithms to automatically recognize the license plate number, they record and recognize the container numbers, and also, the container is checked for damage.



Monitoring the cargo and processes in the warehouse


Cameras equipped with Starlight which can take colour images in dark environments with a low brightness of 0.006 lux. The thermal imaging camera detects abnormal heat sources to

prevent fires.


Storage place

Monitoring of processes in
the storage area


A PTZ camera monitors the storage area in real time and thanks to the fact that the camera has an integrated degree of tightness that gives you the possibility of installing it in places of danger of explosions. The camera records the operation of the container and provides images and videos as evidence.


Your advantages
Surveillance of the seaport


Video analysis

Container number recognition

License plate recognition

Facial recognition





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