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Solutions for Parkings or Garages

Solutions for Parkings or Garages
smart parking management

There are many things to consider in a parking lot. It has to be safe and easy to use in every way. The challenges here are clearly in the entry and exit areas. Manual control, stop and wait for authorization are very ineffective. A vehicle must also be easy to find. If there is a risk of accident, vigilance is essential to preserve the evidence and assume responsibility. Without a parking guidance and monitoring system, parking management is time consuming and error prone.


With our efficient and intelligent parking management, we design with you an efficient and, above all, safe parking.

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ANRP camera systems
no parking tickets and no delays

The entrance is controlled by the ANPR camera. There is no need for parking tickets here. This improves the flow of traffic as it enters without delay. The ANPR camera records and recognizes the license plate, supports video / loop recognition and allows the barrier to be opened. Since the LPR algorithm is built in, the camera can still control the barrier when the control software is offline. The detection rate is ?95%.


Access authorization can be flexibly adjusted by black / white list entry: flexible template with plate, time and lane channel.


In case of malfunction or to register visitors, a call to the administration center can always be made via VTO.

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How can the driveway entrance be designed more effectively?

Manual access control is being replaced by the ANPR procedure.

Automatic control increases efficiency.

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How is parking easier?

Parking is made easier thanks to the automatic recognition of parking spaces. The free numbers of each area are also displayed on the screens. The driver gives instructions on the free parking space.

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How do you help drivers find their vehicle?

The ANPR process provides the registration. The parking space is displayed at the monitoring station.

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How can accident evidence be preserved?

The parking area is fully monitored by high resolution video cameras. The software also provides a detailed parking log with data, images and video.

Parking guidance system
Control in the parking lot

The garage display (DHI-IPMPGI series) shows the number of free parking spaces in each direction, so that the driver can quickly access a free parking space. The parking light integrated into the point camera provides a colour-coded parking line to the parking space.


No blind spots
Parking garage security

The camera can automatically check the current status of the parking space and send the license plate to the control center. At the same time, you can send a real-time video stream to the control center to monitor security and preserve evidence.


Parking management
comprehensive monitoring

The platform is easy to use and was specially developed for the management of parking spaces. With optical interface and control based on a position plan-supported control. Car accidents and car burglary in the parking area are difficult for the parking manager to handle, as the lack of evidence leads to disputes. High resolution video recordings and previews are available from access cameras and surveillance cameras in parking spaces. Parking management could help customers obtain video evidence of an accident and prove damage cases.


Your advantages
Parking garage surveillance



ANPR access

Remote control

Parking guidance system

Vehicle tracking




Monitoring, parking recording, smart search

High resolution camera technology




Easy setup

Unsupervised management

No parking tickets needes


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