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Solutions for
gas stations

Solutions for gas stations
security, surveillance and controll

Gas stations must be secured and monitored in the entrance and exit areas, in the tank area, as well as in the unloading area. Oils and fuels are flammable and explosive. In addition, possible attacks and vandalism present a high risk potential. Fuel theft, crashes and useful tests to resolve purchase and fuel disputes, but also personnel control, are the main challenges of this industry.


Our license plate recognition system automatically records and recognizes vehicle license plates. Time determination and blacklisting remain important aspects of our gas station solutions. The system can also be used in outdoor areas, in commercial areas, as well as in checkout and warehouse areas.

Entrance and exit
Gas station monitoring

 Our license plate recognition system automatically records and recognizes vehicle license plates. The blacklist function immediately triggers an alarm if illegal vehicles are detected. Statistical analyses of traffic flow determine peak hours and enable effective personnel and transportation planning. Another fundamental aspect is the immediate detection of illegal purchases and terrorist activity.

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Tank area
Gas station monitoring

Intelligent analysis detects abandoned objects and maintains safety in the tank area. Customer reporting behaviour is logged and analysed in real time to identify suspicious actions. In addition, when activated, alarm data is immediately transmitted to mobile clients and control centers via a ''push'' message. The thermal imaging system determines the temperatures at different points and activates an emergency alarm in case of danger.

Thermal imaging identifies overheating, damage, and leaks in tank equipment.


Discharge area
Gas station monitoring

The unloading area is the most important area of a gas station. Intelligent video surveillance records discharge activities, details of connections used and vehicle data, and allows a panoramic view of the discharge area in real time. Thermal imaging systems instantly detect device overheating, leaks, and other abnormal conditions.


Multi-lens cameras with 180 ° detection range allow real-time monitoring of the outside areas of the gas station. 4K cameras with HD resolution reliably capture the faces of customers and vehicles.


Your advantages
Gas station monitoring


Protection against vandalism

Intelligent video analysis

License plate regocnition

Blacklist alert

Access control


Fire detection 
and alarm

Temperature measurement

Alarm when treshold value
is exceeded



Device failure detection 

Thermal imaging

Local overheating

Oil and fuel leaks


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