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Fog systems

Fog systems
Put an end to thieves

The so-called flash burglaries with ruthless vandalism that justify drastic measures. Fog systems are still rare in the private sector, but are already being used successfully in retail, for example. Fog systems are very useful where known "weak spots" cannot be secured in any other way: for example, cellar windows, large glass facades or on construction sites.

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Safety fog
Protection against flash burglaries, theft,
robbery and vandalism

These security systems spray and fill a room with impenetrable mist after the light barrier has been activated. The fog cloud is non-toxic and completely free of debris, but makes any unobstructed view at the time of intrusion impossible: the intruder is deterred and inevitably has to retreat.

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Protective fog
highly effective recommends fog systems in particularly distressed areas or if you have already had bad experiences with theft. If triggered, for example, in the basement or hallway of a house, the fog alarm is an effective and unexpected deterrent. Of course, a connected alarm system ensures quick reactions from the home owner or the connected emergency call center.

IhrYour advantages
Security fog for your home




Flash burglaries

Theft and robbery


Protective fog

Recuction of sight to
less than 20 cm

Non-toxic, harmless to living beings and technology


Professional technology

Low energy consumption

Can be used with all professional intrusion detection systems


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