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Commercial clients
Property security – customised to your location


We protect your commercial and industrial property from unauthorized access, material damage and theft with a solid experience in security concepts in the outdoor area. specializes in large-scale perimeter security - this also applies to solar parks, construction sites, and a large-scale of autonomous technology such as wind turbines or transportation systems. Whether you want it to be installed in an office, shop or warehouse: in a detailed consultation on site, we incorporate the routines and rules of your business into the overall concept. We can offer you a wide range of solutions for access control, window and door security, alarms, hazard reporting and video surveillance


Commercial clients

Solar fields secured with gate security, sirens and surveillance cameras against, burglary, vandalism and theft


Commercial clients

Complex window and door security, powerful light barrier systems, via radio or hardwired systems


Commercial clients

Video-based people counter organizes access restriction and monitors maximum number of people.


Commercial clients

The early warning of persons present of fire smoke and fires and the protection of life and property


Commercial clients

License plate recording, ANPR report, dual video streaming, intercom, flexible whitelist, and viewing of free parking spaces


Commercial clients

HD video surveillance with facial recognition, luggage, passenger and vehicle management, license plate recognition


Commercial clients

State-of-the-art fence security, detectors and thermal imaging cameras for professional outdoor security


Commercial clients

Incident / alarm display and reproducibility, flexible use, very high "false alarm security"


Commercial clients

Thermal imaging cameras for non-contact fever detection, mobile installation, GDPR compliant, full flow recording of people


Commercial clients

HD video surveillance, real-time surveillance, heat map, people counter, remote surveillance to secure sales areas


Commercial clients

Parking guidance system, vehicle tracking, ANPR access, comprehensive and high resolution monitoring and vehicle tracking


Commercial clients

Custom solutions, perimeter security, optimization of existing fences, detection systems, surveillance technology


Commercial clients

The panel draws in polluted air. Viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi are killed. The air purifier provides lasting protection against infections.

detector_installed_mobile comms tower-kb

Commercial clients

No power connection

Artificial intelligence software

HD quality images

4G transmission unit

Cheap rental price


Commercial clients

License plate recognition system, blacklist function, traffic flow analysis in tank and unloading area


Commercial clients

OCR technology for container number recognition, license plate recognition, centralized administration

Your security professional

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