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Bulding security
Comprehensive protection for your property

When it comes to building security in the private and commercial sector, we rely exclusively on European quality products from recognized manufacturers. Complex window and door security systems are used, as well as powerful light barrier systems. These proven alarm systems, are affordable, quick to install and can also ,be used as a pure wireless alarm system and as a wired system. We can also integrate high-quality smoke and heat detectors into the alarm system.

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Security for your building
reliable detection and alerting

We have also successfully secured larger building complexes that allow public access and thus a greater flow of people. We always use, tried and tested video surveillance technology in accordance with the legal principles of data protection and personal rights. We use thermal imaging cameras or large volume sensors in sensitive areas.

Special systems, such as smoke or irritant gas systems, are in demand wherever theft and destruction of special values are threatened or human lives may be in danger.

Your advantages
professional building security


Theft risk

Professional technology

Response time in a
few seconds

Location of the event



Professional technology

Alarm systems
Thermal cameras

Fog systems

Light barrier systems

Smoke and heat alarms


service package

Regular remote maintenance
Annual maintenance
Alarm transmission to a security service



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