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Alarm systems

Alarm systems
Smarte alarm concepts for houses and apartment

Smart alarm concepts for houses and apartment

Use one of the safest and most innovative alarm systems on the market. Here too (Also) "smart home solutions" can be integrated. You can also enjoy the convenience of turning the light on and off, opening your garage door, or running a sprinkler system. The control of blinds or electronic door security and much more, are also possible: simple and direct with the control of the application via your smartphone. Combine your alarm system with our "Home Video Surveillance Solution".

If necessary, always take a look at your home, no matter where you are, simply with an application on your phone.

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Radio controlled alarm system
License plate recognition

Wireless alarm systems are often the first choice in private areas. They guarantee safety in single-family homes in the shortest time possible  without the hassle of laying cables and can also be subsequently without problems.

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Wired BUS alarm systems
Video surveillance and identification

Modern technology turns the classic alarm system into a complete warning system for various hazards. They also carry effective protection against smoke, fire and water damage.

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Hybrid systems
Cabel / radio

Hybrid alarm systems are useful in the private sector if the house is under construction or is being renovated and the wires can be removed at a later date. If necessary, additional radio components can be purchased at a later date. An ideal alarm system if you want to "expand" your property for the long term.

Your advantages
Alarm systems for your home


Protection against theft

Video surveillance

Various systems

Specially costumised
to your home


Smart Home

Control of blinds, garage doors, lights 

Electronic gate security

Operations through the app



Smoke alarm

Fire alarm

Water damage


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